Minoritski samostan Olimje
Prišel je lep, cvetoči mesec maj.
Vse cveti, vse duhti, se pomladi veseli
Šmarnice bele so zacvetele.
Materi Mariji jih prinašamo v dar
Opoldanski počitek
Tudi naju lahko srečate v Olimju
Cvetoča trata

Near the river Sotla, under Mount Rudnica, not far away from the main road that connects Obsotelje with other towns in Slovenia and Croatia, lies a small village with a grand church and next to it, a monastery. It has long been known by the local inhabitants as Olimje. Each year, many local and foreign holidaymakers who stay at the Terme Olimia spa or Rogaška Slatina as well as hikers and pilgrims, come to visit this nearby spot. The Baroque church with the adjacent monastery leaves a big impression on them. The friary is inhabited and run by the friars of the Order of the Friars Minor Conventual (Minorites). Many visitors experience Olimje as a peaceful haven in the midst of the increasing rowdiness of our world. The religious find peace in silent prayer in front of the picture of Our Lady, nature lovers sit about idly on the benches outside the monastery and let the beauty of nature, God's creation, speak to them. Those with an illness stop by the medicinal herbs to look for "the right flower". Children stand around the pond and watch the fish swim about. And many people will stop for a chat with one of the friars and often there and then is where their souls find peace.
A warm Welcome from the Friars Minor Conventual in Olimje!